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hey my dear,

are you ready to move into happiness?

mindful body is for everyone,

choose a class and try it.



mindful body

Mindful Body is all about you.

It combines a strength and cardio workout with a holistic body and mind experience.

Use this 75min class to build up strength and tighten your body or take this opportunity to go into yourself and let go what no longer serves you.

Move into happiness!


mindful body restore

Mindful Body Restore is a less sweat version of Mindful Body. In this 60min class you can move your body in any kind of way. It's a mix of strength exercises and soft movements and your chance to take time for yourself and listen to your heart and your body.

Mindful Body Restore helps you to recharge your batteries for all areas of your life. 


mindful body cardio

Mindful Body Cardio is a 50min class and an absolutely endorphin boost. It's all about sweating, breathing and releasing. This class is the perfect way to release stress and renew your inner balance and


Mindful Body Cardio is your little helper to give your emotions a voice and realize how strong your are.


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